Hi! My name is Carmen, I live in Spain and I'm a huge fan of Olivia Palermo
I'm an architect and now I want to work as Event Planner & Designer on my own company: Cóctel Chic.

I started writing on my blog Cóctel Chic and then created a magazine with some friends where I write about decor: thelemonpear.com

Writing on a blog was starting to seem like a huge work but I still liked doing it. So I thought I'd start a blog only as a hobby. I love Olivia Palermo fashion style and it inspires me everyday, so I decided to share my ideas on how to get her look with low cost labels was a good idea.  

I hope you'll like you see it!


  1. Necesito aprender ingles!!!! jajaja
    Me declaro fan incondicionasl de Olivia y tuyo !!!!
    Nos vemos por aquí ;)


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